My UPC - It's all about you!

My UPC is packed with loads of handy features to help you take control of your UPC life. Sign in today and see the benefits for yourself. Update your personal details, view recent bills, make payments and so much more – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Get the most out of your UPC services

Take control of your account details with My UPC



My UPC is packed with features and is available any time, day or night.



  • Update your phone number, email address and tell us how you prefer to hear of our latest customer exclusive offerings.
  • Use My UPC to let us know if you’re moving home and we’ll make the move as simple as possible. 
  • Have you forgotten your My UPC log in details or want to update them? Now you can do all that online in just a few simple steps.

Control your finances, on your terms


  • On Demand, Broadband and Phone usage trackers show the latest activities on your account.
  • Register for Auto Pay, our Direct Debit option, and relax knowing your bill is paid in full and on time every month.
  • Make a payment online using a credit or debit card. It’s secure and you can track your payments and even tell us when you’ve paid, all giving you greater peace of mind.
  • View all bills for the last 12 months including helpful information explaining each element.  


Control your finances
Control your account details

Get the most out of your UPC services


  • Review your current services
  • Add premium channels such as Sky Sports, to your account and remove them once the Premier League is over (or when your team gets knocked out!)
  • Register for one of our Horizon TV apps including Horizon TV Remote App, Horizon Phone App
  • Monitor your phone call and broadband usage, check your On Demand purchases and even change your caller ID and phone directory settings  



Get back up and running with My UPC



  • Check if there is a managed outage in your area.
  • Perform simple trouble shooting steps to get you back up and running.
  • Confirm the status of your modem
  • Find useful information about your UPC equipment including your smartcard number, serial number or MAC address.  
Get back up and running