120Mb Anytime Mobile Plus Horizon TV
€25 a month

50+ channels (14 in super-sharp HD)
Unlimited calls to Irish landlines and mobiles
Next day delivery plus FREE connection for new customers

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Broadband from €20 a month
plus FREE TV

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Enjoy FREE viewing for 12 months

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Want to live in the fast lane?

Get the most for your digital life with TV for 12 months, Ireland's FASTEST broadband and unlimited FREE calls to mobile.

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Get on-board with Ireland's
fastest broadband

Different people want different things from their broadband connection. But one thing we all agree on? Speed is everything!

Watch more - 1000s of hours of TV for the whole family on any device

Play more - Lag-free gaming for the full, uninterrupted experience

Talk more - Unlimited calls for unlimited catch-ups

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If you need some advice on tailoring the best package for you, speak to one of our experienced sales staff.

Call us on 1890 940 624

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