Your TV Guide

Listings at your fingertips


Check what's on TV for the next 7 days, read program descriptions, schedule recordings or set a reminder.

Remote Control TV Guide

Fast and easy access

Press the GUIDE button on your remote control to access your TV Guide. Using the remote you can switch between television programs, read more about movies, programs or TV series and easily set a recording or reminder.

Quick Search

Search allows you to easily search for TV movies and programs by keywords, such as genre, actor, director, title and more. To start the search, press the GUIDE button on your remote and select the red button.

Schedule recordings

With the TV Guide you can easily record any television program. Simply select a program from the list and press the record button on your remote. The recording option is only available to users with a digital video recorder.

List your favourite channels

You no longer have to search the complete list of TV programs each time. You can now create your own list of favourite channels and simply check what's playing on the channels you watch most.
Schedule Recordings
Change Settings

Switch between days

With the TV Guide you can see what's going on at this very moment or you can quickly switch to a different time range. Even up to 7 days ahead.


Change settings

Use the settings option to change the time frame for the TV guide, view your favourite channels or adjust the level of transparency of the TV guide window.