Upgrade your Digital TV

Add our Digital+ service to your Digital TV package for no extra monthly
cost for the first Digital+ box.

Record TV

Record TV and watch it later

Relax. Put the kids to bed or bring the dog for a walk knowing that you have recorded your favourite show. You can even record up to 8 days ahead – no tapes, no timers, no fuss.

Pause Live TV

The phone rings in the middle of the football? Digital+ lets you pause live TV so you can take that call without missing a thing.
Pause Live TV

Always missing your favourites?


Through your TV Guide, you can series link your favourite show by selecting to record the entire series so you choose when you want to watch it. Digital+ allows you to record up to 80 hours of programmes. If you forget to set your recording, with Remote Record you can set a recording from your computer or smartphone wherever you are.


 A €45 equipment activation fee applies for each Digital+ box ordered. There is no monthly fee for your first Digital+ box, but a fee of €3.75 per month is charged for each subsequent Digital+ box (Digital+ HD is charged at €5 per month for each box).
Prices shown are for Direct Debit payments only and are charged monthly. A €3.75 charge per bill applies for non-Direct Debit customers. All prices include VAT. Residential use only.
A 12 month contract applies for all services. A cancellation fee will apply should you cancel during the first 12 months. If you cancel and fail to facilitate the return of the equipment, you will be subject to an unrecoverable equipment charge.
A €10 downgrade administration fee will be applied anytime you downgrade an element of your service.
Equipment remains the property of UPC so there is no charge for service technician visits.
These terms and conditions are in addition to UPC’s General Terms and Conditions, a copy of which is available here.
Information correct at 01/2014.