Broadband Speed Test

Broadband Speed Test

Discover what broadband speeds you’re receiving at any given time with our speedtest.

Check out the broadband hints and tips section if you have questions about the result of your bandwidth speed test.This will help you to understand the result you get from the speed test as well as showing you some simple ways of improving your broadband speed. 

Upload and Download Speeds

Upload refers to the speed with which you can send content. This could be sending an email, uploading photos to a website or a video to You Tube. 


Download refers to the speed with which you can receive content from the Internet. This means how quickly you can download a music track, view your favourite show online, etc. These are both measured in Megabits per second (Mbps). 

Speed Test Results

Now that you’ve taken the broadband speed test, how do the results compare with what you’re paying your broadband provider for? UPC customers receive buffer free broadband at speeds up to 240Mb. Not all broadband providers can say the same. If you’re not happy with the speeds your current provider is delivering, consider switching to UPC’s Fibre Power Broadband


*240Mb broadband, expected average speed during peak hours of at least 180Mb on a wired connection. 

UPC Download Speeds

Fibre Power Broadband 240Mb*



Fibre Power Broadband 120Mb



Fibre Power Broadband 50Mb



UPC Upload Speeds

Fibre Power Broadband 240Mb



Fibre Power Broadband 120Mb



Fibre Power Broadband 50Mb



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